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Passing data to view

Data can easily be passed from route to view by passing second argument to view and this argument is an array that is key value pair or we declare array in a variable and use this variable as a second argument. Here each key is a variable For...

Dropdown Menu Parent link Clickable

Change the CSS dropdown:hover .dropdown-menu {  display: block;} Add Jquery Code $('.dropdown-toggle').click(function() {    var location = $(this).attr('href');    window.location.href =...

Action and Filter Hook in WordPress

Step 4 In the precious session we already learned about the Action Hook and Filter Hook of the word press. In this session we will cover the function used in these hooks with their working. There are 4 functions in Action and Filter Hook as...

How to Create Plugin in WordPress?

Step 1 Open the plugin Folder inside the wp-content using this pathC:\xampp\htdocs\shairy_portfolio\wp-content\pluginsCreate a new folder with Unique Name inside above path and open itNow create a new php file with the same name of folder....

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