String in Java

String in Java

A string is a collection of characters that enclosed either within single quotes (‘) or double quotes (“).


var name = ‘Shairy’; // Single quoted string

var name = “Shairy!”; // Double quoted string

Different properties and methods are used on string values.

Getting the Length of a String

To count the number of characters in a string; length property is used to tell us the length of the string.


var str1 = “This is a JavaScript String Tutorial.”;

alert (str1.length);

 Finding a String Inside Another String

indexOf() and lastIndexOf() method is used  to find a string within another string. This method returns the first occurrence of a specified string within a string and last occurrence of a specified string within a string respectively and return -1 if the substring is not found.


var str = ” This is a JavaScript String Tutorial. JavaScript Method are given below”;

var pos = str.indexOf(“JavaScript “);


var pos1 = str.lastIndexOf(“JavaScript “);


Searching for a Pattern Inside a String

Search() method is used to search a particular piece of text or pattern inside a string. This method is similar to indexOf() method but can also take a regular expression as its argument to provide advanced search capabilities.


var str = “Java Script is not similar to java Language.”;

 // Case sensitive search

var pos2 =“Java “);


 // Case insensitive search using regexp

var pos3 =;


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