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LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing is a professional networking platform to showcase our accomplishments and work histories. It also provides collaboration and opportunities for businesses to post jobs, services and products. For study in detail about linked...

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is a Micro Blogging site to advertise your business on twitter which allows 140 chars, photo, video and links. Real time communication between business to business , business to consumer and consumer to consumer is the main target of this...

Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing is a platform that provide different ways to promote your business on FB using different tools and techniques that may be paid advertisements or organic posts. The main target is to push or view the brand or service on users...

Search Media Optimization – SMO

Social media optimization is the use of social media platform by using different strategies and techniques to manage ,promote and grow the business product or services.The main target of SMO is to increase awareness and attract people for new...

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