Month: March 2021

Check Plagiarism and re-write the content

Your content must be unique and not copy from any website. I know it’s difficult to write all the content itself. For this you can rewrite the content by following ways: Active PassiveRephraseUse Synonyms Last but not the last you can use...

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is also known as online marketing which means to use the technology and online platform like Email marketing, pay-per-click advertising,social media marketing and many more. Download the Digital Marketing PDF for...

HTML Tables

In web design, tables are a good way to organize data into a tabular form. Table consist of rows and column. Horizontal lines are called rows and vertical lines are called column. Here are some Key Points to Remember: Tables are defined with...

PHP Interface

Interfaces allow us to specify what methods/functions of a class should implement. It’s quite easy to use a variety of different classes in the same way. When one or more classes use the same interface, it is referred to as...

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