How to Create Plugin in WordPress?

How to Create Plugin in WordPress?

Step 1

  • Open the plugin Folder inside the wp-content using this path
    • C:\xampp\htdocs\shairy_portfolio\wp-content\plugins
  • Create a new folder with Unique Name inside above path and open it
  • Now create a new php file with the same name of folder. It’s recommended to use the same name otherwise we can create different also.
    • /C:/xampp/htdocs/shairy_portfolio/wp-content/plugins/shairy-plugin/shairy-plugin.php
  • Create one more file index.php with in the same folder. This file must be blank; this is created only for protection from hacking.

While performing above steps you can check no plugin will be appearing in Admin panel; if you want this plugin appear in your admin panel then create DOC LOGS in shairy-plugin. Php


* Plugin Name: Shairy Plugin

* Author: Er. Shairy Kalra

* Author uri:

* Version:1.0.0

* Description: This is the basic plugin to understand the functionality how a plugin is created


Now plugin is appearing in your Admin Panel like this

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