Month: October 2021

Using CSS and Images

We put all the css and images in public folder. We will create separate folder for each and put images and css inside it. Create new folder for css inside the public folder after that create a new file main.css inside the css folder and copy all...

Generic layout for header and footer

For creating a generic layout in Laravel, first of all we need to create a new folder inside the views with the name layouts and create a new file layout.blade.php inside this folder and perform the following steps: Copy all the header and...

Blade Array

Array syntax is Laravel is same as in another, here we pass array as a second argument in view and create that array outside Like below and call this array either using any loop but we use foreach loop that do the work simple for an array. There...

Blade Loops

All the basic syntax of loop is same as in another programming language, but we have to start with @ symbol. For example: <html>     <head>         <title>Laravel...

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