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User Authentication using REST API and JSON Web Tokens (JWT) – Step 4

Create user folder and Create a new file called create_user.php and Following steps to be performed for this 1. We need to set headers on this new file so that it will only accept JSON data from a specific URL. 2. Connect to database and...

What is JWT?

JWT is JSON Web Token that defines a way for securely transmitting information between different parties as a JSON object. This information can be verified and trusted because it is digitally signed. JWTs can be signed using a secret (with the HMAC...

Session Vs JWT

Session is used in a single-server application by session ID. A server will need to find a valid session ID on every HTTP request. If your application needs multiple servers, you cannot use session IDs for user authorization. JWT helps solve...

Blade Basic

As we know we can send the data from route to view using {{ }} – curly braces that is blade syntax. As we know blade is a template engine that make easier to work with data and logic inside of php. Some Basic Blade syntax If we use if...

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