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Blade Conditional Statement

All the basic syntax of conditional statement is same for if, if else, else if, but we have to start with @ symbol. In Laravel there is one new statement for negation i.e. unless that check for negative value       ...

Blade Basic

As we know we can send the data from route to view using {{ }} – curly braces that is blade syntax. As we know blade is a template engine that make easier to work with data and logic inside of php. Some Basic Blade syntax If we use if...

Passing data to view

Data can easily be passed from route to view by passing second argument to view and this argument is an array that is key value pair or we declare array in a variable and use this variable as a second argument. Here each key is a variable For...

Laravel Custom Route and View

Now we will create our own route and view with our own customize name and desired output whatever we want. Now we create route with name contact and view with same name. For this Go to Routes Folder and work on web. Php...

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