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Class ,Object and Constructor in JS

A class can be defined by using a class keyword with any particular name. In JavaScript, the name of the class always starts with an uppercase letter and object is the instance of class through which we can access the member of...

PHP Encapsulation

Encapsulation is used to bind the data using get and set method or hide the values to prevent from unauthorized parties' to directly access them. For encapsulation, we generally use the concept of visibility (public, private, protected). Public...

PHP Classes and Objects

Create a Course class for student that display their course code and subject enrolled from an institute. Explanation Properties: course code     =>...

PHP OOPS Concept

OOPS Concept with Real Life Example Objects .An object represents a particular instance of a class and it can be more than one instance of an object. Each instance of an object can hold its own relevant data. An Object is a collection of data...

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