Configure/Install WordPress

Configure/Install WordPress

Configure WordPress on Windows 10

Step 1: Download WordPress for Windows

  • Go to this page:

Step 2: Extract the folder, Copy and paste the folder in XAMPP/WAMP

  • If using XAMP/P, then paste the downloaded folder in htdocs
  • If using WAMP then paste the downloaded folder in www

Step 3: Define your database and password

Step 4: Start the XAMPP/WAMP Server, then open the project

  • Go to this page: http://localhost/ [your Project Name]
  • Select the Language
  • Then Welcome screen appear, click on Let’s go!
  • Then fill the database connection detail as below:
    • Database Name                      = dummy
    • Username                                = root
    • Password                                 = leave it blank
    • Database Host                         = leave it localhost
    • Table Prefix                            = leave it as such
  • Then run the installation

Step 5: Then Welcome screen appear and ask for the information

  • Site Title        
  • Username       
  • Password        
  • Your Email    

Step 6: In the end click on Install WordPress and finish WordPress installation in your browser

Step 7: Test & WordPress Dashboard

There is a login form on the WordPress dashboard. Enter the information you specified (username and password) login to the WP Dashboard. When you click on the Log in, you will be forwarded to the control panel:

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