Woo Commerce End Points

Woo Commerce End Points

Endpoints are an additional part in the site URL that is distinguished to show diverse substance when present. For instance: You may have a ‘my account’ page appeared at URL yoursite.com/my-account. At the point when the endpoint ‘alter account’ is annexed to this URL, making it ‘yoursite.com/my-account/edit-account ‘at that point the Edit account page is appeared rather than the My account page.

This permits us to show diverse substance without the requirement for various pages and short codes, and reduces the measure of substance that should be installed. Endpoints are situated at WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced.

Checkout endpoints

The below endpoints are utilized for checkout-related usefulness and are affixed to the URL of the/checkout page:

  • Pay page – /order-pay/{ORDER_ID}
  • Order received (thanks) – /order-received/
  • Add payment method – /add-payment-method/
  • Delete payment method – /delete-payment-method/
  • Set default payment method – /set-default-payment-method/

Account endpoints

The below endpoints are utilized for account-related usefulness and are affixed to the URL of the/my-account page:

  • Orders – /orders/
  • View order – /view-order/{ORDER_ID}
  • Downloads – /downloads/
  • Edit account (and change password) – /edit-account/
  • Addresses – /edit-address/
  • Payment methods – /payment-methods/
  • Lost password – /lost-password/
  • Logout – /customer-logout/

Customizing endpoint URL

The URL for every endpoint can be altered in WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced in the Page setup section.Ensure that they are unique to stay away from clashes. In the event that you experience issues with 404s, go to Settings > Permalinks and save to flush the change rules.

Utilizing endpoints in Payment Gateway Plugins

WooCommerce gives assistant capacities in the request class for getting these URLs. They are:

$order->get_checkout_payment_url( $on_checkout = false );



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